Brawl (15)

Tejasv and Ben both swallowed and gripped their weapons firmly anticipating any bold or stealth attacks against them after witnessing Nina's bold and strange behavior. For the first time, from Nina's grin and taunt at both Ben and Tejasv, it was obvious she had regarded and marked them as her enemies. She wasn't even afraid to clash with both foes at the same time.

She held her knives with a wild grin while standing in a firm and exceptional posture with no specific blind spots from any position. Apparently, she was looking more reflexive and flexible after stretching her body all over.

Tejasv and Ben, around her, squint their eyes to observe her more and to find any opening in her stance. They had no idea in what sort of way she would attack them both and how that technique could hold them back at the same time. From the fight until now, it was certainly not Ben, nor was Tejasv a weak opponent for anyone. Additionally, Ben clashed with Nina at least equally with his strength, while Te
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