Brawl (16)

While Tejasv and Ben were sweating profusely from Nina's skillful dive into a shadow, they turned around quickly to fend her off from any spot she might leap out with her intent to carve them. Both felt jittery and alarmed from the fear of getting their bodies pierced all of a sudden.

That unknown threat dismayed and distressed them in that dark atmosphere. Tejasv felt the eerie aura around him and the killing intent seeped all over him, shrouding him with negativity. He focused while closing his eyes to listen to even a slight twitch of leaves from the floor or trees. Tejasv knew Nina could appear from anywhere and Ben faced that head-on, so he was also cautious for his safety.

While focusing on Nina, Tejasv kept his gaze on Ben as well, because Nina may appear near him to strike Ben first while both of them are shocked by her disappearance. He had to be alert to any animosity that could be directed at him.

Suddenly, Tejasv felt a chill in his body as he shuddered. Due to his sensitiv
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