Brawl (18)

Tejasv had his attention directed toward his throw, while this act also grabbed Ben's gaze since he gradually realized the purpose and intentions of Tejasv. Ben was amazed by the fast pace of thought Tejasv had just displayed within moments. He was taken aback by Tejasv's precision and quick actions toward Nina rather than pondering various methods.

For a while, both Tejasv and Ben smirked when the shadow target twitched. Suddenly, a dark figure emerged out of the shadow near the knife as Tejasv predicated and aimed with his ax. Tejasv and Ben had emerging emotions of contentment as they assumed Nina would be dead if she came out to pick up the knife.

However, breaking their heartfelt wishes, Nina stuck out her arm holding a knife from the shadows while glaring at Tejasv. She blocked the axe and threw it away. She defended herself as if she almost expected Tejasv to target her and even then she still emerged from that place. This displayed her valor and anger towards Tejasv and even Be
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