Brawl (19)

Tejasv's eyes widened due to some insight that crossed his head as he stepped towards his ax. He realized he was following in the same footsteps Nina tried a while ago. He forgot what trick he used to draw out Nina, and from the situation, scenarios unfolded similarly.

Just as Tejasv predicated and aimed for Nina around her knife, he got the feeling of Nina mooring over the shadow for Tejasv to approach his ax, and she could target him the moment he left an opening for her to take advantage of. Earlier, he left such a possibility in haste. However, he realized this fact since he sensed the killing intent directed towards him yet again.

Tejasv frowned as he swallowed the saliva in his mouth. His throat gradually dried from the killing intent he felt from his surroundings. It was terrifying to remain calm when he knew something was about to strike him from an unknown position. He may not be able to defend himself from his foe right now.

Yet he remained unfazed and did not waver, so Nina
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