Tejasv Death!

Perplexed and dismayed by the current situation, Tejasv held both of his axes firmly and frowned his brow while rubbing his chin. He thought as he turned back, "Why didn't Nina attack me? I even provided enough openings for her to take advantage of, but still, I found not even a hair of the girl incoming. Does that mean she had no intention of charging at me here? Then what other opportunity is she waiting for to attack me? Maybe she’s headed to someone else, but I can still feel her presence around here! What the hell is she strategizing while hiding in the dark?"

Tejasv contemplated and gradually stepped back towards his previous position, decreasing the distance between Ben and him. He retracted himself back to negotiate with Ben for a while and form a coalition against Nina. He realized Nina had some great scheme against everyone present in the dungeon.

She had nobody she could refer to as a companion or friend. Anybody present alive in the dungeon at the current moment was either
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