Grief and Fear

In the dark and eerie surroundings, only one piercing giggle echoed all around, belonging to Nina, while other attendees present in the place had pale and dull expressions. Aside from Nina, only three people were present; Fred, Daemon, and Ben, with blanched faces on the scene.

Although Fred was bruised and bled from Daemon’s fierce punches, his attention still turned towards Nina rather than his pain. The most capable person everyone considered to face Nina, Tejasv, was lying before them in a pool of blood with a lifeless body.

Fred frowned and swallowed while Ben had similar expressions and inner turmoil in his head while watching this scenario enacted before him. His plan to escape from the battle went to the sewers after the sudden downfall of Tejasv. He believed but the situation didn't escalate as he thought it would.

While Ben faced the dire circumstances, Fred also had aghast and jitters down his spine. Since he was already thrashed around by Daemon, he knew Nina would carve hi
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