Nina v/s Everyone

Everyone watched Daemon's barrage of words. Fred and Ben frowned in bitterness since they had no idea of the Daemon’s rage. The only feelings they understood were of fear and terror that they observed leaking from Nina's presence rather than the comradeship that Daemon felt.

Fred wiped the blood and snot from his face. He scowled and pondered, "If both this bitch and this madman die together, I have no qualms. It would at least give time for me and Ben to escape from here. Even so, I want to give back the punches he threw at me. I'd feel the same ecstasy if he died! Go and wreck each other, bastards!"

Likewise, Ben had the same mixed feelings towards Daemon. He fought Nina and clashed with skill and even without skills. He knew what Nina was capable of and even saw her outrage at Tejasv. Ben had no doubts about Nina's strengths and abilities.

He swallowed as he stared at Daemon and took a short glance at Nina. He snorted with a daunting expression at Daemon and pondered, "Is this man m
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