Nina v/s Everyone (2)

With a slight glance at each other; Daemon, Fred, and Ben allied. They had no other option but to somehow leisurely escape, nor did they have the strength to fight their way out of Nina while fighting individually. Instinctively, they all formed alliances with each other without even speaking, but with only a single glance because it was necessary and urgent.

Nina was unaware of this fact, or more likely, she wasn't interested in their combined strength. She already reigned above them in the battle earlier and would thrash them with her vigor and capabilities again. She took a short glance at everyone to scrutinize them.

Fred was almost done and would require a critical strike to be done for good. While Daemon regained some of his stamina, his condition was still poor for a head-on battle. Even so, his confidence and rage were somehow enticing to Nina. She turned towards Ben and smirked. He was the only person left with some sort of weapon and even the ability to fight right then.

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