The last spider (3)

As Daemon and the spider battled, the female duo of team Tejasv and the robed men in their respective positions had their eyes widen and their jaws drop from only witnessing the tense circumstances of a battle.

None of them expected to stand fiercely against this terrific opponent in any battle, even in their futures. They deduced from the Daemon's efforts on his troublesome and strenuous nature that it was his willpower that kept the spider in the same position.

Even then, Daemon was somehow mustering all his power while enduring the pain he felt from the spider’s counter struggle against him. As the screech of these two reverberated in the air, they all had goosebumps.

Their eyes even rolled to Tejasv, who was intending to strike the same spot on the spider, and they all realised he would have some plan in mind to target that place on the spider's body. Everyone present and watching the battle wished for Tejasv to succeed sooner because Daemon might not last much longer than a few m
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