The last spider (4)

Tejasv's eyes widened as he prepared to strike the spider's same spot again the moment Daemon let out his loud word. Despite the fact that he didn't have enough time to think about the meaning of that word, Tejasv didn't back down by stopping his attacks in the middle of them and landed them with more force than before.

Daemon could see the spider was about to crunch around his neck and take his life as he spoke those words. He sighed and closed his eyes to die, since to him, he just fulfilled his last duty to his team, and even his last words could be considered his goodbyes to his friend.

However, rather than dying more painfully, a loud noise from some impact entered his ear, and he opened his eyes with a jolt, amazed by the scene before him. Some tears even trickled down his face.

After the loud noise, Daemon could witness the spider suddenly falling to one of his sides, and its balance was dismayed by the attack. Daemon realised Tejasv completed his task at the end and with perfe
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