The last spider (5)

When Daemon fell from the sudden, unforeseen poison dart of the spider while Tejasv was busy dealing his blows to that monster to have the upper hand in the latter fight, the robed men and female duo had their gazes fixed on Daemon.

The robed duo sighed and realised Daemon would not survive because the spider was very close to its prey and may not leave him be because it had marked him as a necessary foe to be eliminated.

While the robed men realised this battle was the last for Daemon, Catherine and Salina, on the other hand, had their eyes widen from panic. They also understood the predicament Daemon faced in these moments.

They turned their gaze to Tejasv and squinted their eyes to know whether he could rescue Daemon from that situation. Although They didn't know what happened to Daemon, he was fine a few moments ago, and they clutched the sword tightly from inner turmoil.

But Daemon was now on his knees, and the spider approached him slowly, not alerting Tejasv to any changes in t
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