The last spider (6)

As the female duo of the team watched the scenario of the spider approaching the Daemon with its fangs and drooling saliva all over the floor, they felt more despair with each passing moment.

Cathrine clenched her sword hilt tightly, and her next palm was gashing into a tight fist in anxiety, while Salina held her bow and arrow firmly to strike any next moment for the last ditch effort.

Both of these girls knew that if Tejasv wasn't able to succeed in his struggle, they would have to attempt the strike, regardless of the odds. Whether Daemon survives or not will depend totally on his fate.

Although they had such thoughts in their heads, none of them could measure the stakes of someone’s life through their decisions. Even if they intended to save Daemon, they would not want to risk an action that had only a slim chance of success.

They were only standing there hoping Daemon would survive this ordeal, and their helplessness was taking its toll on their minds. Both of them watched the sc
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