The last spider (9)

As the spider began to repeatedly attack Tejasv, Catherine and Salina were rather a in relief since Daemon was now out of danger for a few moments, but when they realised Tejasv had no weapons in his arms, they were frightened.

Whether the spider was in his straight head or not, its attacks were enough to paste a human with a single blow on the right mark. Tejasv was in definite danger because he had nothing to fend off the strikes of the spider.

Not only that the spider was somewhat in a hurry to end Tejasv, and because of these reasons, it used every ounce of strength within him to stomp him on the floor when facing no resistance from him.

The spider gradually realised that Tejasv had nothing with him that could threaten or halt its aggression toward him; therefore, the spider was now on a killing spree for Tejasv. It cackled in rage and resumed attacking Tejasv.

However here, Catherine, and Salina, along with the robed men, could see Tejasv wisely moving in Daemon's opposite direct
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