09 The One That Got Away


I woke up in wolf form. Amanda knelt beside me, and she was weeping. I did not know what had happened. Did they conquer us while I was out of it?

I shifted back to my human form, and she hugged me tightly and wept.

I searched about for Tamia. The last time I remembered, three of us were in the living room when the intruders barged in.

I broke the hug and gently got up to look at the mess that was once my living room. There was nothing to salvage. I had to replace everything.

"Where is Tamia?" I asked Amanda, and she continued to cry on the floor.

"Where is my wife? What happened?" I asked, and she managed to get up.

"They were trying to take you away as a trophy. You were almost dead. So she gave herself up in your stead. I tried to talk her out of it, but she shut me out. They took her away in chains, Leo. We stood no chance. The attack ended the moment they took her," Amanda said, rushing through her words, but I was lost from the moment she said Tamia gave herself u
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Elana Parker
can't get enough
goodnovel comment avatar
Loving this book so far
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Sarah Middleton
I understand the jerk Alphas letting Linda and Avery go (don't approve, but it fits their personalities), but there's too much calmness from those who have up their family members, especially the fathers. This story is full of crappy Alphas, who don't have the morals to lead properly.

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