135 Waiting For The Day


After breakfast, we had to converge at the lounge to discuss matters. Tamia went with Linda and Avery while my mother left us to handle the issues concerning the upcoming ceremonies.

I have never been this mentally busy, but dealing with this king forced me to put my brain cells to work.

If it weren't for the lives it threatened, I would have said I was enjoying the cat-and-mouse game the uprising was playing.

"Four days to go, and you will be the official king. How do you feel about it?" Dominic asked me, and I looked at him, searching my mind for an honest answer.

"Honestly, Dominic. I feel nothing. I feel under pressure like I will be taking up more responsibilities," I confessed, and he laughed.

"To think father fought tooth and nail for what was given to you on a platter," he said in deep thought.

I knew Dominic cared for our father a lot and wasn't aware of what our father did to him. I hope the time won't come when I must tell him the man he held on to in his
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Petagay Thompson
lol juicy ikr Amanda for sure I can't wait to hear what she has to say when she get caught
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Juicy Miss
Because Karima keeps us on our toes, I'm still skeptical about David.

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