139 Preparing For A Trip


My legs could not carry me fast enough. I walked through the house quickly. Wanting to get to Sylvester and give him the news.

I appreciated Devin for telling me the truth. It took a lot for him to put his reputation on the line like that.

That reputation had kept the south safe; if this comes out that Lucas was the one that killed Maurice and Gavin, then it will be over. While I moved towards the room, I knew the Lucas narrative was a part we must keep secret.

Establishing that Devin did not attack because of the letter was enough to get Stephanie off the hook. As for Jenny's death, the evidence Mathew Majesty might have against her will not stick because no one knew what happened other than Sylvester, the two Kappas that worked for Stephanie and me.

The Kappas would never tell a soul because they would condemn themselves and their families in the process, so I doubted that would be an issue.

The letter was my biggest fear, and knowing it won't be admissible was great ne
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
That should have been Avery not Amanda getting ready to go.
goodnovel comment avatar
Juicy Miss
I'm very nervous too about what's to come in Grizlo!
goodnovel comment avatar
Petagay Thompson
I think it's way to easy or Amanda is not as smart as we think..well time to end this madness once and for all.

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