141 Amy and Vin


Sneaking to Grizlo was challenging. We believed we would stand out, but the airline company that we used made sure we did not come in contact with anyone.

The owner was honoured that I would be using one of his jets.

Seeing Tamia sleep on the couch in the apartment made me doubt that bringing her was right, but I wanted her to be involved. I knew if I asked her to remain at home, she wouldn't like it, and she was the only person that could stop Leo from doing something crazy.

I would have decided not to come with Leo, but I needed support just in case we encountered more than Amanda and her lover. No matter how messed up his emotions were, both he and Devin had proven their loyalty.

The four-wheel drive arrived in the dead of the night, and I was disappointed to see that it was Vino Lawrence. I sort of liked the guy, even though he seemed creepy.

I wondered why he got himself involved in this shit. At twenty-five years old, he was too young for this. It was sad. I co
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goodnovel comment avatar
I told you guys I thought that Vino was really a good guy, he wants to be acknowledged by his brothers, he wants a family!
goodnovel comment avatar
Hmmmm…so Vino’s not quite so bad. But Amanda…yikes. She’s a hot ass mess.
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Juicy Miss
Wow, so many twists and turns! And puppets!!

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