142 A Stab


The conversation between the two bothered me. Vino was scared, and this woman still told him to hang in there. Did she know the repercussions of her behaviour at all?

"Are you crazy?" Vino said to her.

"Do you know what has happened?" He added, and she was silent.

"Sylvester is now the King. The actual King. The council has no power anymore. We are just advisers now. If Sylvester catches us, we have no saving grace. He can do as he pleases with us, Amy. No one would question him. No one will fight him. We are finished. Thanks to you, every ally of ours is behind bars or in hiding.

I need to know who this man is and understand why he is doing this," Vino said, and she shook her head.

"Trust me," Amanda said, and Vino exclaimed.

"Trust you? Only a blind idiot would trust you. You destroy everything you touch. You ruin the people you claim to love for personal reasons. Only a fool will trust you." He said, and she stepped back. I guess his words hurt her feelings.

Karima Sa'ad Usman

The book is almost done, and I am a bit sad, but every story has an ending. I am sorry I did not reply to the comments; it is because I have controlled screen time now as prescribed, so I have to choose. I promise to reply to all the comments tonight. I love them and always look forwards to reading them and connecting with all of you. Thank you for your love and support.

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Comments (107)
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Dana Wheeler
I’m glad it’s almost over. While the story line is good it’s been drug out for too long. That shows you just want more money. That as well as either the translations are good or you do not know English very well. They have so many programs that can check for errors.
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Christy Scott
as crazy as she she is smart too. it wouldn't surprise me if Jenny told her about her son and Amanda thought up the whole thing. Really she could be the King. All she had to do was start telling people their is a King who wants them to do this and that bam. She has puppets. why can't Leo ash her ?
goodnovel comment avatar
I feel like it may be Vinos kids. Probably to continue the Royal bloodline under their regime. But they for sure planned to get rid of Vino.

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