#Chapter 6 Shopping at the boutique

Sebastian’s POV

"No, I'm just ...... curious about her."

“Ha, just curious?”

“…Just curious.”

He took a sip of water and pushed down the heat coming from his lower abdomen.

Sebastian, you can control yourself.

“Arnold, come in here for a second,” he called his Beta wolf into the study via mindlink. Beta Arnold was the only other wolf he truly trusted.

Arnold arrived shortly after being called; nobody kept the wolf king waiting for fear of what he might do. Even if Arnold was a trusted Beta that worked closely with Sebastian, he wasn’t stupid enough to keep him waiting.

“I can’t help but be suspicious about my new luna,” Sebastian admitted, meeting Arnold’s

obeying, yet curious, eyes. “I need you to investigate her.”

Naomi’s POV

“Now that we are family, I think it’s only fair that we ask for a small share of your assets,” Naomi said into the phone, clutching it eagerly as she waited for a response on the other end.

“Is that so?” Queen Magnolia said after a short pause.

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goodnovel comment avatar
I hope he f*cks her up now for being so hotrible to Hannah!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
She’s gonna regret that!
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Myrlann Christini
I knew this was gonna be good. Damn right! I think im in love with Sebastian already!

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