#Chapter 7 Bathroom chatter

Hannah’s POV

“I had no idea she was your luna, your majesty…” the woman said, bowing her head as shame fell over her. Her body was visibly trembling, and she refused to meet my eyes. “It’s just a rule that…”

“I don’t care what your excuse is. Apologize to my luna, now!”

“I’m so sorry,” she said, lifting her gaze to meet mine. “Please… forgive me…”

“This store should be open to the entire kingdom, not just Alphas, and Betas,” Sebastian said before I could say anything in response to her.

“Yes, your majesty,” she said, bowing her head again. “I’m so sorry for being disrespectful.”

“I won’t allow this kind of disrespect in my kingdom,” he growled.

“Of course,” she breathed. “I promise, it will never happen again.”

Her attitude had completely transformed; I couldn’t believe the kind of power Sebastian had over others. I watched their exchange with such awe; as did everyone else.

“No…” he said. “It won’t. I’ll be sure of that going forward.”

She met his eye with worry ev
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I was doing as you can see this is a game I snapped a pic of and guess what I got the warning again, 2 strikes against me out of 5 I believe it said. Anyone knows how I send this info to the powers that be.
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Haha oh dear. He heard what she said but at least they were all compliments!!
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Gayle Ecklund
I love that the people get to mangle the people they should be mingling with... hahaha ...

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