#Chapter 11 Being used for money and favors

Sebastian's POV

“Be alert at all times,” Sebastian ordered the gamma warriors upon arriving at the inauguration ceremony.

He was invited to attend the ceremony at a public botanical garden. The gamma warriors nodded in understanding as they stayed close to Sebastian. The garden was already crowded once they arrived and one of the public speakers was beginning to make his speech.

The crowd parted for Sebastian and the warriors to move through them; being a feared Alpha King, nobody dared to stand in his way. Sebastian kept his eyes straight ahead and only wandered a little once he reached the front of the ceremony and stood in his reserved spot.

Along the inner corner of the garden were beautiful white tulips and he couldn’t help but think about Hannah. He remembered her mentioning once that her favorite flowers were tulips. Seeing the tulips blooming in the garden, under the scorching sun, Sebastian couldn’t help but think of Hannah’s sweet and lovely face.

The thought almost made
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I wondered how long it would take until the lack of communication began…

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