#Chapter 105 – Baby’s in distress


A pain shot through his body as he reached his car. Everything started screaming at him and he had to grab onto his door to keep from tumbling over. His head was pounding to a point where he thought he was going to vomit. He managed to pull himself into his car and slam the door shut. He began deep breathing, trying to steady his racing heart and soothe some of the pain in his head. He closed his eyes, feeling even more nauseous than before. Beads of sweat started forming on his forehead, dripping down his features and the nape of his neck.

His body trembled uncontrollably as he tried to get a handle on the pain. For a moment, it was almost like the scars under his mask were burning and tearing away at his face. It took everything he had not to rip his mask off for just an ounce of relief.

“What the fuck is happening?!” Sebastian growled to his wolf.


Eric didn’t answer.

“Eric, what the hell?!” Sebastian growled again
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if she's not even showing yet how could the baby be big enough to even be strangled?
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Jane Dante
up date please.....
goodnovel comment avatar
Carolyn Jones
When will update come

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