#Chapter 107 – An intimate night


I stared at Sebastian for a long while; he was dumbfounded by my confession. I couldn’t tell what was running through his mind. His eyes were flashing between scarlet and blue; his wolf was itching to come out, but he was holding him back. I didn’t fear him as I should though; I wanted to comfort him. I knew this wasn’t easy for him to hear.

“He’s confused,” Nora explained, channeling Sebastian’s wolf. “He marked us, so we shouldn’t feel the mate bond with Henry. It shouldn’t be there anymore.”

She had said that in the past too, which is what confused her the most. But for some reason, we still knew that Henry was our fated mate. But I didn’t want Henry. I thought he was my friend at one point, but he did nothing but lie to me. I couldn’t trust him. Sebastian had been right to be wary of him from the beginning.

“When did you find this out?” Sebastian asked through gritted teeth.

“The night I went to his house,” I answered.

“Did you feel it? The mate bond?” He asked, narrowing
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I was wondering the same thing
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Veronica Astle
How can she be in heat? She is pregnant!

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