#Chapter 109 – The Vicious Wolf King


I thought I would be prepared for what I might see, but I wasn’t. As I reached the infirmary, Sebastian was still asleep. I gasped as I saw the blood staining his clothing and around his mouth. Dr. Conway left his mask on, but I could only imagine how much more blood was on his features. There were blood stains on his fingers and bare feet as well.

Arnold was talking to Dr. Conway about something, and I covered my mouth with my hands to keep from sobbing too loudly. Raya was by my side and wrapping her arm through mine, holding me close to her.

Arnold finally noticed me standing near the door and he strolled over to me as Dr. Conway went to examine Sebastian.

“What happened to him?” I whispered, not taking my eyes off Sebastian’s blood-stained body.

“Hannah, you might want to sit down,” Arnold said; his tone was mournful, and it gave me an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I shook my head and pulled my tear-filled eyes away from Sebastian to look up at Arnold.

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How can she doubt him again? And Arnold too? Raya I understand but not them.

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