#Chapter 139 – Collecting water from King’s Creek


Sebastian felt like his body was being electrocuted. His entire body jolted in pain, and he nearly tumbled to the ground; however, he maintained his stance. He gripped the ledge of the stairs, holding onto it tightly until his knuckles grew white. He gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw, trying to take in a deep breath as another jolt of pain took over his body.

He tasted blood pooling in his mouth and dripping to the ground, forming a puddle around his feet.

“What the fuck is happening?!” He growled; the pain was nearly taking over his entire body.

He didn’t want to let anyone else see him like this and he would be damned if he remained where he was knowing that his gammas and alphas were lurking around the palace.

“If I had to guess, I would say it’s whatever they are doing to your wolf in the underworld,” Gemma said, rushing toward him with a towel.

The towel was warm, and it felt nice as he covered his face with it, allowing it to soak up the blood that continued to p
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