#Chapter 141 – The full moon ritual


Gemma and Sebastian were already waiting in the gardens when we arrived. As I approached, I saw that Gemma had the spell book in her hands and she was studying it carefully. I couldn’t help but notice how nervous she looked. I couldn’t blame her for being nervous. This was a huge thing she was doing, and it was incredibly dangerous.

Sebastian on the other hand didn’t look worried; I admired his bravery, and it made me feel confident that we will be able to do this mission with ease. Gemma started to make a large circle with the sage as the sun completely set and the full moon came into view. I knew time was running short and within a few hours, the vampire king would start his ritual as well.

I stood beside Sebastian who wrapped an arm around me, holding me close to him. We watched as Gemma lit a match, throwing it at the sage that she sprinkled around the ground. Before our eyes, the sage lit up into beautiful orange an

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