#Chapter 143 – Finding Liam


“Liam…” I breathed again; my brother stood before me at the doorway with his boyish grin.

He looked well; he didn’t look like someone who’s been tortured for months, and he didn’t look ill. I found it hard to believe that this wasn’t his actual body and that his body was on our land in a hospital bed decaying as time passed.

My body finally unfroze, and I ran to him, wrapping my arms tightly around him and holding him close to me. My little brother was with me, and he seemed okay. 

“I came here looking for you,” I whispered to him. “I didn’t think it would be this easy but I’m so glad to see you.”

I forgot how tall my brother is; he towered over me. I was so used to seeing him lying down. I pulled away from him and held him at arm’s length so I could scan his face and his body.

“Are you okay?” I asked. “Are you

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