His Question

Is he…my interviewer?

I blinked rapidly as I tried to clear away my shock. There, sitting in the middle in between the other two interviewer, was the stranger that I had met yesterday at the park. If he’s here, then he must be one of my interviewers. What a funny coincidence…

This is great, I can return the money to him. It might not be the full amount, but I must return the bulk of it that I had not spent for sure and then for the rest, I’ll pay him back as soon as possible. When I met him, he was wearing casual clothes; however, now he was wearing a formal business suit and his hair was styled differently. Although he looked different, I recognized him almost immediately. I thought he looked very handsome in his casual clothes, but he looks just as stunning or even more so in his pristine and expensive-looking grey suit.

“Have a seat,” he said as he motioned for me to sit down.

His formal tone somehow disappointed me. Did he not recognize me? Was it because I was dressed in my new s
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Lendia Carver
I'm right there with you. on my old age pension, such things as this doesn't fit into my budget.
goodnovel comment avatar
Carla Renee Mitchell
can't finish what you start when you can't afford what they require. aggravated and makes me want to delete this app.
goodnovel comment avatar
Carla Renee Mitchell
it sucks to be sucked into a good novel and unable to buy what they require to read it. I'm unemployed waiting on disability & have mental issues so reading the novel has actually been helpful to calm other noises in my head and around me, but no income leaves me frustrated bc I can't finish it.

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