“No matter how much I really want to kiss you right now, I’ll still suggest that you keep the money,” he said before his hand released my chin as he stood up straight.

I was stunned into silence. Was he seriously going to kiss me again? I placed my fingertips to my still-trembling lips. Was I…waiting for him to kiss me?

“Why…?” I began asking but a woman’s voice rang out disturbing out conversation.

“Excuse me!”

An attractive blonde woman with a sparkly wide smile called out to him. Her deep red knee-length dress hugged the beautiful curves of her body as she walked. Her red lipstick matched the color of her dress perfectly. However, she stopped in her tracks when he turned around to face her. I thought that she was about to say something, but she closed her mouth immediately when the man placed his index finger up to his lips. Clearly the message got across because the woman nodded slightly before turning around and leaving the way that she came without saying another word.

“See you
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