The Forbidden Rule

“Hey girls!” I said cheerfully into the group video call with my two best friends.

Lillian and Jennifer. We’ve been friends since university started and went through university together. Throughout the four years, we helped each other out and worked so hard towards our graduation.

“Hi hi. I can just tell by how cheerful you are that you have some good news to share. Am I right?” Lillian said with a bright smile.

“Yup yup. Even I can tell that much as well. So…tell us!” Jennifer demanded.

“I got the job!” I announced proudly before clapping my hands and laughing with joy.

“Oh wow!” Lillian cried out happily.

“Congratulations!!!” Jennifer exclaimed almost at the same time as Lillian as they both heard my good news.

Although we all acted so excited, it was a fact that I was the last person out of the three of us that landed a fulltime job after graduation. Lillian was the first one who got a job as part of the PR team at one of the leading cosmetic and personal care company. I had
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