Fateful Attraction

“I’m glad you’re here then…” the man said before he started to laugh a little.

I sucked in a breath when his hand reached out and handed me my phone. He found my phone? Wow…what a lucky coincidence.

“You found my phone? Wow…thank you! You’ve really saved me…” I said feeling a mix of surprise and relief.

It would be such a huge hassle to lose my phone not to mention that I didn’t have spare money to buy a new one. I couldn’t wait to get my first paycheck at the end of the month, seriously.

“Must have been fate…” the man said softly as he smiled so gently at me, his light blue eyes seemed to shine, and I couldn’t look away.

Before I could stop myself, I started laughing. My reaction confused the man so much that he stared at me, a little take a back by my reaction.

“Sorry. I just thought that it was a little funny. You see, I thought to myself that it’s such a lucky coincidence that you found my phone…but…you called it fate…” I said as my laughing came to a stop and I smiled sweetly bac
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Averil Greene
she now getting the mist of having a good job and i hope she works hard to keep it

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