His Manipulative Scheme

“Let’s check in first,” Ace said as he offered me his hand.

I looked down at his open palmed as I hesitated. Since when did it become the norm for us to hold hands?

Ace gave me a confused look and I found myself slipping my hand into his much larger one. He gave my hand a comforting little squeeze before he led me after him into the hotel lobby. My eyes fell on where our hands were joined as I wondered if he would hold my hand all the time during this trip, and perhaps, even after that? Do I want that?

“There’s only one room?” I asked in total disbelief.

“Yes, there is no mistake. Only one suite room is booked,” the receptionist repeated before flashing me a polite smile.

Did the company suddenly run out of budget or something?

I looked accusingly at Ace who just shrugged his shoulders before smiling sweetly and innocently my way.

He planned all this. I should have known…

“Is there another room available?” I asked hopefully.

The beautiful woman just shook her head before apologi
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