Like a Couple

“Really? We’re here now so I’m sure that Rung can take us to a restaurant that serves dog meat. Right, Rung?” Ace suggested with a smile.

“Yes, I can. It’s not that hard to find to be honest,” Rung replied with a nod of his head.

“That’s fine. I mean, if you want to you can go ahead and try it but I personally wouldn’t…” I stood my ground.

“If you say so. Let’s head back to the hotel then,” Ace said before he reached for my hand.

Rung led the way out of the market to where he had parked the car. It was getting quite cold now that the sun had set. It was about time that we leave because most stalls in the market had already started packing up.

“Your hand is a little cold. Are you feeling cold?” Ace turned to ask me with concern in his voice.

I did feel a little cold. This was my own fault for not checking the weather forecast and underestimating that this country could be so cold.

“A little…but I’m fine…thanks,” I replied before smiling a little at him.

Ace yanked softly on my ha
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