Me as His Body Pillow

Regardless of what my mind thought, my body had already started moving on its own as my arms threw the blanket off my body before I swung my legs off the side of the bed. I was on my feet and making my way towards the door in no time at all. I tiptoed towards the door, afraid to make any sound that might wake Ace up.

He might be sleeping. Actually, I hoped that he was sound asleep. If I can just see that he’s alright, then I can probably go back to sleep with a peace of mind.

Careful not to make any loud noises, I slowly opened the bedroom door and made my way into the adjoining living room where Ace was sleeping on the sofa. Thankfully, the floor was carpeted and that helped to soften the sounds of my footsteps. It was quite dark in the living room but not as dark as in the bedroom thanks to some light shining in through the curtains to the side of the room.

The room was so silent that all I could hear was the sound of my own heart racing inside my chest. I was so nervous, and my
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