Controversial Feelings

Ace followed up with many questions while I concentrated on operating the voice recorder. The dogs were barking loudly so I wasn’t sure if we would be able to hear the words properly or not over the sound of the dogs barking. I felt extremely uncomfortable with the dogs staring at us and couldn’t wait to get out of there.

“Follow us this way. He’ll show us around the farm a little more,” Rung told us.

We proceeded to follow the farm’s owner out the door on the other side of the warehouse from where we had entered. The back door led out to a yard where they were much larger cages that were now empty outside.

“These cages are for storing temporary stock before the traders come to pick them up,” Rung explained before going into more details of the pickup and delivery schedule.

“Can you ask him what the farm owner thinks of this business? Is the demand for dog meat growing or shrinking? What does he think of people’s opinion of this business?” Ace asked curiously.

Now that we were ou
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