Seductive Invitation

“Sounds much better than my idea…” I admitted in awe.

“You like it? That’s great…” Ace said with a grin my way.

“Yeah…I really like it…” I mumbled a little shyly.

“Can I bother you to draw up a strawman storyline and storyboard based on my idea just now?” Ace asked.

“Of course. I’ll start working on it right away!” I agreed excitedly.

We finally have a direction for this. I truly liked his idea and I bet that so will the audience and the committee. On top of that, I couldn’t help but feel honored to be tasked with drafting a storyline based on his idea.

“It’s late. You can start tomorrow or something…” Ace told me calmly.

“No. I’ll start right now…” I replied before getting up from my seat to grab my laptop.

Better strike the iron when it’s hot.

“Come to bed…Rina…” Ace coaxed softly from behind me.

I shifted in my seat and felt soreness shoot through my shoulders and then the muscles of my back. This must be the result of sitting in front of my laptop for hours since my meeti
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