Wedding Bells


The beautiful burgundi lit church hall was affluently decorated to match the class of elites in attendance. Soft classical music was emanating from the hall as hundreds of people sat in expectance of the union that was bound to happen.

The lightening and decor was superb. Father must have paid a great deal for this.

Hand in hand, Father walked me down to the alter.

My steps were slow and yet graceful.

My eyes roved around the hall, sparing glances at all those who were in attendance before finally locking with those formidable orbs.


He looked very handsome in his tuxedo which hugged his impeccable muscles and showcased how perfectly carved they were. His black hair was slicked and let to cascade.

A devilish smile crawled upon his face on seeing me. His eyes took in my entire appearance. He didn't touch me but his eyes touched my entire body and it seemed to even unclad me.

My mermaid fitted style wedding gown had done justice in bringing out my slim curves. My hair had been styled by some of the best hair stylist in New York, different hair pins forming a decorative pattern on my wavy aurbun hair giving it that bridal style look.

They had done a good job in making me look beautiful; covering up my eyebags that was caused by my sleepless nights, my dried lips coated using red lipstick and lipgloss that got it to sparkle. The dullness in my face had been totally hidden by makeup but still one could decipher the pain in my eyes if they looked closely.

I still couldn't believe it. It all felt like a dream. My head spinned the nearer I approached the alter.

I was truly getting married to Dante and there was nothing I could do about it.

I had to just brace up and accept it.

I reached the alter and took my position next to Dante as the priest began reciting the common wordings I hear at weddings.

Dante wouldn't stop staring at me. I adverted my gaze from his but it was not enough to keep his gazes at bay.

Leaning closer to my ear, Dante whispered, "I can't wait to tear every single piece of this gown off your body"

I shuddered and my legs almost gave way to the ground. In a flash, I whipped my head to face him. My breathing had become erratic by that single utterance.

He gave me a sly smirk which got me so fueled up with distate.

He forced me to marry him, him and my father.

Did he really think I would let him have his way with me?

Certainly not. I would die before I let this man come close to me.

My face was contorted in rage for Dante which I tried so much to suppress inside.

I could barely pay attention to the priest words as I kept on replaying what would happen when I go to Dante's home--my new home, today.

At some point, I forgot to breathe and had to clench on to my wedding gown for some sort of relief.

Like a puppet being controlled, I stretched out my hand for Dante to put the ring.

He forcefully shoved it in, making sure I felt pain by his rough demeanour.

I winced and glared at him. I did same to him, my hands itching for me to hurt him the way he just did with me now.

Now it was time to ask the big question.

The priest faced Dante with a stern resolved and began talking.

"Do you Dante Morelli take Alina as your lawfully wedded wife? Promising to stick by her in good and bad times? For better or for worse? In wealth and in penury? In sickness and in health as long as you both shall live and till death do you both part?"

"I do" Dante replied almost immedately in his husky deep tone.

I watched him sprew the words out of his lips and a sudden tremor grew within me.

The priest turned to me and repeated the question.

"Do you Alina Fedorov take Dante as your lawfully wedded husband?Promising to stick by him in good and bad times? For better or for worse? In wealth and in penury? In sickness and in health as long as you both shall live and till death do you both part?"

My thoughts ran wild. I could literally say 'I don't' and end this wedding.

I could end my misery by being brutally honest but then what would become of my family?

I faced the crowd, taking a cursory glance and I could see that Dante's men were literally everywhere.

One wrong move from me would send them all bisserk and into a shooting frenzy.

Time was at a stand still and the hall became so quiet that even the fall of a pin could be heard.

I'm doing this all for my family.

Fighting the urge to crumble into tears in front of this beast, I squeezed my eyes shut and hardened my heart.

"I do accept Dante as my husband" the words flew out even before I could stop myself.

Relief washed upon my dad's face and beaming smiles could be spotted on everyone's faces including Dante's.

"You may now kiss the bride" the priest instructed.

In a split second, Dante pulled me towards himself, painfully hauling me against his chest.

He leaned down to my ear and softly kissed my earlobe before whispering, "Smart girl. I thought you would have said no. By now you would have been mourning your entire family if you did deny me on the alter"

He at once latched his lips on to mine. There was nothing sensual or soft about the kiss. It was outrightly dominating.

His grip on my waist tightened as his tongue sought to devour me completely.

A wave of ovation took over the alter before Dante pulled away.

He then interlocked his hands with mine and we faced the crowd who wouldn't stop cheering.

"I give you Mr and Mrs Morelli" the priest further announced with a wide smile.

I had only one question now.

What would become of my life with Dante?

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