Hearts pouring

Alina's face turned scarlet red and she turned to face the seller who had this quirky look on his face as he watched them discussed.

She stood silent for a while, wondering if she should give in to his request.

"Uhm just a night together? No sex?" her voice was low, barely audible.

Dante nodded. "Yes sweetheart. I won't try to do anything you don't want" he gave her his word.

"Fine Dante. I will" Alina gave in, trying to stop the blush forming on her cheeks.

Dante chuckled at her reply and aimed the rifle at the fast moving balls. Alina closed her ears with her hands before he even pulled the trigger.

She didn't want to hear the sound of the gun.

He immedately shot the moving balls five consecutive times without stopping and each shot hit a ball.

The seller was dazed and he looked stunned by Dante's pro handling of the rifle.

Alina jumped for excitement and she immedately hugged Dante, planting a tender kiss on his lips to her own suprise. Dante kissed her back and hugged her.

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Awe, such a sweet chapter!

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