Late night sex


The only light illuminating the room was the one coming from the broad screen of the television. Other than that, I had turned off the lights and sat by myself, sulking to the fact that Dante had utterly left me since morning and throughout the entire day to myself.

I mean where the hell did that man go to?

I thought he would probably come back by noon but this was eight pm and Dante wasn't even back.

He didn't even call me and I couldn't help but wonder if Dante was planning on abandoning me in Italy.

I know it is a silly thought but Dante was capable of doing it.

If he wasn't the capo of the Italian mafia, I would have assumed he had been kidnapped or something.

But knowing Dante too well, he could never be in any sort of trouble. I've fucking witnessed him kill people.

It's crazy how weeks ago, I craved for Dante's absence and now, I'm fussing and sulking all because the same Dante went out to heavens knows where and can't even be as descent enough to call me.

I called s
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YES!! It’s about to happen they are finally going to be together

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