I'll have you undone


I watched Dante with eager eyes the moment I told him I was ready to consummate our marraige.

Lust and desire clouded his steel emerald eyes and he mouthed a low husky 'fuck' which sounded very sexy and had my folds tingling.

Dante was truly a beautiful human. Every part of his features seemed flawless and looking at the big bulge that had formed in his pants, I knew his cock would be big too.

Fuck. I was having dirty thoughts. I blushed at my thoughts.

Dante immediately began trailing wet kisses from my jaw to the nape of my neck whilst huskily saying things in Italian. I didn't understand any thing he was saying but just hearing how low and sensually he spoke got my body tingling in anticipation of what was to come.

I ran my hands through his dark hair, feeling how soft it was on my finger pads as Dante kept on kissing me along my jaw.

"Fuck. Alina. I need you right now" Dante let out a throaty groan in my ear before nibbling on my earlobe.

As if one cue, the elevator doo
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goodnovel comment avatar
What!!! No! You can’t leaving us hanging in the smut! Lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Aww man so close!! I gotta wait for the next one and not patiently lol

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