Chapter 85


I looked at Aurora who was shaking her leg while she sat on the chair. Her heart raced against her chest as I worried about anything happening to her or her child. She barely ate the sandwich that I gave her earlier; however, I was just thankful that she got something inside her system.

Her arms were crossed over her chest, waiting, and anticipating; however, I knew not to say a word to her right now, not wanting her to have or make any sudden reactions or movements. It was already a while past nine in the morning and Dante has been inside that operation room since almost five in the morning.

A nurse looked at the two of us from a distance, and I frowned before she nodded, wanting me to come. Thankfully, I had warned the nurses in charge of the operation not to say anything in front of Aurora before I got her the sandwich. The woman was worried and tensed up enough, the last thing we needed was her having a panic attack and losing her baby in the process.

“Aurora, I’m go
Crystal L

It is official, I love Nicolas's character too. I believe that our beloved Nicolas should get himself a mate, what do you think?

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goodnovel comment avatar
Yes, Nicolas needs a mate.
goodnovel comment avatar
Crystal L
Hahahahhaahh=))))), well, we never know what the next plan is, do we=))♡
goodnovel comment avatar
I think Nicolas needs a mate. Maybe your next book could be about him (gently nudging you with my elbow);)

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