The Lunar Eclipse Festival

Roland's POV

I hate this place. Here I am in the Black Suns Territory for 2 weeks because of my workers and pressing to expand our business. When I got the invite to come to The Lunar Eclipse Festival, I almost turned it down, had it not been for that dream I had the night before. The dream of the girl with the jeweled blue eyes. 


I'm waking up in a bed, made completely out of what looks like gold with red drapes. This doesn't seem like a dream. I usually know when I'm dreaming. No, this is more a distant memory. In comes kids: 2 twin boys and 1 girl. One boy looks like me with black hair and gold eyes. So does the other, but his eyes are a blue I've never seen before. The little girl's eyes are the same shade of blue. I know these kids are mine. I feel it deep down. 

"Mommy says it’s time to wake up," the little girl says 

Just as she said that my heart and eyes were alert at the thought of my lost mate, Raven coming through the door. I always thought no one could ever be more beautiful than my Raven. However, this girl put Raven to shame. Her hair was curly and long and massively silver with white streaks. She is an absolute vision, the way she walks up to me, looking at me with a lot of love. I somehow know she is mine. I got out of bed and instantly pulled her up into a kiss. She giggles and tackles me into bed, her silver hair is hiding those beautiful blue eyes. I pulled a strand of hair away from her beautiful face. She had a serious look in her eyes. 

"When the eclipse is at its peak, I will find you," she says.

Hunh? I asked 

"All will be explained, my darling," she said again. This time her voice was chilling, and her eyes turned a brighter blue. 

I woke up in a flash of sweat. I'm not sure why, but I felt like I needed to get to this woman. Moon Goddess, where do I find her? Send me a sign. Please! 

The next day, I received an invitation to the festival.

end Flashback 

So, yea that's why I'm here. I figured hell I'd give it a shot. Even if it is a silly dream or whatever, I've never been one not to listen to my instincts. The eclipse is bound to happen soon, and I've been searching through the whole territory while attempting to listen to their annoying alpha and his thick-headed son, who will not stop talking to me. My wolf doesn't trust any of them. I watch as my pack and his intermingle. Some of his pack had seemed to find mates with mine. Great. More fucking paperwork. I've just realized that looking for this girl is pointless, though my gut is telling me different. I saw the moon and the sun starting to come together. My wolves start to howl as they turn to the moon, giving thanks to the moon goddess. I see the other alpha wolves seemingly do the same thing. Just as I'm about to give up looking for her, I see the full eclipse almost over and the moon coming out. I am caught by surprise as I stumble back feeling this surge of pure power, and it's unlike anything I have ever felt before. My wolf has never been made to submit before and I am instantly on my knees like all the rest, but my head isn't bowed. This power doesn't want me to submit to it anymore, and that's when I knew. I knew it was her. I looked around until I saw her. Radiant. All of our eyes are focused on this heavenly creature. 

 I am mesmerized. I feel her love. I feel her hate. The eclipse is over and the moon shines only on her. She seemed to be radiating in it. From a distance you could tell her hair is brown, but as she walks closer you can just see a touch of silver in her curls. She has the most intoxicating smell of honey. Pools and Pools of honey. I look up and see her jeweled blue eyes searching all of our heads as she walks slowly toward us. She is looking around. Searching. She is searching for me. I just know it. My wolf is howling with a pride I have never seen before. His howls seemed to attract her as if she could hear him. The moment her eyes met mine I knew. She knew. Our wolves knew they called for each other. She kept walking towards me as I sensed her aura fading. When she got close, I could see why. She was badly bruised, beaten, walking with a broken cast on her legs, though I could tell she was wobbling now and was close to falling in her hospital gown. I run to her. I ran like hell and caught her easily. Those electric blue eyes looked up at me. "Mate" she whispered, then passed completely out. 

Elena POV 

(After the chat with the moon goddess)

Beep....beep.... beep

We got her back. Let's start 20ccs of fluids, I heard the doctor say. She is tapping my face. "Elena, Elena stays with me" as she flashes a light in my eye. It's sometime later and I am alone in my hospital room. I must have blacked out 

I fought to open my eyes, to find I was back in the hospital. After my chat with the moon goddess, it helped to fight the pain of my rejection from Marcus. I know he rejected me as his moon blessed mate, but I was still in love with him. I was feeling a strong urge to get to him. He needed me. Hi, a wolf called for me. It was pulling me stronger now and I couldn't resist. 

Mate. We need a mate now. We need to get to mate. 

Snow is jumping in my head, but I understand, she just wants to be around her mate. However, he broke our bond, so why do I still feel a pull for Marcus? 

Not Marcus. Need to get to Mate. 

Not Marcus, then who? I wonder. I can feel snow healing my bones back, so I grab 2 crutches from the wall and remove the needles from inside me. I use crutches to walk down the hall as I come out of the backdoor. I can see many wolves, some from our pack, and others I can assume are the Black Alder Clan. It's nighttime and I can feel the love of our mother moon as I limp outside. Snow is healing me, but it will be a lengthy process. I realized that everyone is looking at me strangely. The hell did I do now? Suddenly, I am hit by the most amazing smell of berries, freshly grown, and picked. I know I have to follow the smell. I looked around, but I didn't see anyone. I closed my eyes to pick out the smell in my mind. When I opened them, I found him looking at me, with his head full of jet-black hair tussled like an endless wave. Power radiated from him, and I felt myself getting a bit stronger. His eyes were golden. his black shirt showed off his ripped muscles. His tan skin complimented him very well, even under the moonlight. He was perfect. All of my hurt from Marcus's rejection was just a blur. I had even forgotten people were staring at me as I limped towards him. I hadn't even noticed they were bowing to me either. 

 I can tell his aura is the strongest one here. My heart beats faster as I am coming close to him. ITS HIM. The one from my moon water memories from the moon goddess. Oh, moon goddess, I love you. He starts to smile as I get closer and closer, but I feel my legs are giving out. Oh shit, I think I'm going to... I brace myself to hit the ground, but it never comes. Instead, he is holding me. I feel instant tingles of our mate bond. His eyes are so beautiful. I wanted to stare at them forever. "Mate" I called out to him, but I know I overexerted my body because all I know next is darkness taking back over

I wake up to the smell of berries, and I know he is beside me. He is stroking my cheek and my Lycan purrs in content. I am suddenly self-conscious of how I look. I must be a mess, all these cuts and bruises that I'm sure haven't fully healed yet. I try to turn my head, so he doesn't seem to care. 

" Look at me," he says with a very deep but appealing voice, so I do. I looked at him. He is so handsome. I smile and he smiles back." Who did this to you", he growls, his expressions of love now turning to one of hate? Normally, I was a bit afraid of a growl like his, but his growl was making me feel things. A strange flutter in my stomach. I looked to the door and saw our pack Alpha glaring at me. On instinct, my mate turns to the alpha and catches him looking at me and growls at him to go away. 

However, he doesn't move. " Don't believe anything that comes out of that whore's mouth" he states. My mate started to get up, but I held his arm. I don't want him to leave me. Unknowingly, Snow starts releasing our aura. At once, Alpha Ned leaves. My mate looked at me astonished.

"What's your name? I asked this beautiful man next to me.

" Roland Black and you are Elena Davis correct"

"Yes" I replied.

"Elaannnaaa," he says, letting my name roll off his tongue. I admit I always hated my name but hearing him say my name caused sparks all over. We talked about basic things not going into what happened to me, but I knew it would be brought up soon. Each time he tried to approach the subject; I would get quiet. I don't know why. Fear perhaps, although I was feeling safe in my mate's hands, I didn't know how long it would be. 

The next week he stayed with me while my wolf fully healed me. According to the doctor's report, from the injuries I sustained, it would normally have taken 4 weeks for me to heal. 

"When you mate, we will heal instantly " Snow says to me. 

Roland took a copy of my report. He got extremely angry while reading my report and it seemed to double when it showed I had died for 2 minutes. He kept begging me to tell him, but I couldn't. I don't know why but talking about it seemed to make it more real. I met his Beta Cole and his Gamma Nate. We all hit it off instantly and you can tell they are already protective of me even though we just met. If Roland's not in the room with me, they both are. I was discharged after that week and Roland asked to see where I lived. I tried to keep him away, but he wouldn't take no for an answer, so I led him to my room. Pack members mumbled under their breath about me, but I didn't care. I was used to it. Each step through the servant's quarter, I heard him swear, though I could tell he was hiding most of his feelings.

They all came out once he saw my living conditions. He let out the most ferocious growl and I hugged him, to soothe his wolf. He took all the contents I had, which wasn't much, and took me to the guest house to stay with him. My alpha kept trying to come to collect me so I could work, but Roland wasn't having that. Ned told my mate he would be having a meeting in an hour about a contract matching our two packs. My mate agreed. I was going to stay back with either Nate or Cole, but he insisted I come with him. Other than facing my pack, I didn't want to see my ex-mate. My mate bond was strong with Marcus, and I know he was forced to give it up, but the wound was still fresh. I told Roland about Marcus and how he was forced into rejecting me, just to avoid any issues.

When I walked into the room, all eyes and growls were directed at me. Lynx David and My Alpha were growling at me for showing up. Marcus was growling at Roland's arm around my waist. Roland kept calm and pulled me onto his lap, but everyone in the room didn't count on Cole and Nate growling back over me, protecting me. You can see Cole and Nate are naturally alpha due to their auras. 

" What the fuck is she doing here" my alpha hissed through his teeth. 

"She is my queen," he said, as if it was as easy as breathing. It was different, having someone claim me and call me theirs. I hadn't felt love like this since my father, although he was a fatherly type of love. 

" The parent killer is not welcome here," David said, sneering at me, but stopped when Cole growled at him. 

I froze, not knowing whether or not Roland knew, but he shrugged and rubbed my lower back. I shouldn't be surprised though. Roland is a king. Killing, for him, would be like breathing. It was Roland who spoke this time. 

"Seeing as I killed my father, I don't care. I don't even want a treaty with your pack." Roland said with a slight smile. 

" Then why are you even here," Alpha Ned said, trying to be disrespectful, but Roland growled at him, and it shut him up quickly. Alpha Ned has some serious balls to keep disrespecting the King of Sc.

"I'll be leaving today, and taking my mate with me, but you will answer my questions," Roland said, standing tall, looking menacing. He was releasing his king aura. His voice was deeper, fused with his wolf that I could see trying to breakthrough. 


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