Secrets Revealed

Roland's POV


I know my aura is through the roof. My aura is dangerous, and righteously so. I am not known for patience.

I am looking around and each of his members in this room has a nervous look. All of them kept glancing at Elena. However, Elena wouldn't tell me as she seemed afraid. I know there has to be more to it, but she won't speak about it, and I won't push her until she is ready.

No one seemed to say anything. I take out Elena's hospital sheet and give it to my Beta to read. Cole took the sheet from my hand.

1. Broken left jaw

2. Shoulder blade dislocated

3. Arms dislocated

4. 7 broken fingers

5. Crushed ribs

6. Broken nose

7. Right leg dislocated

8. Left leg dislocated

9. Both eyes were swollen shut

10. Bruises on the lower back

and the list goes on and on. It also says she died alpha. Dead for 2 minutes. Which one of you is responsible?" Cole demands. Everyone has gone quiet. All of the guilty. Well, all of them except Marcus. He
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