Meeting the Pack

Elena Pov

As we ride to his pack lands, I am watching Serene. I know something is different about her, but I can't point it out. She catches my eye and, as if reading my thoughts, she shows me her mating mark.

" Oh, my Goddess" I scream, causing Roland, who is on his phone, to jump and his hand wraps around me protectively. He laughs when I point out their marks and goes back to his call. Everyone else is laughing at his reaction to my scream.

"Sorry," I told him and shrunk in my seat. He kisses me on my head, and I can't help but think how I would look with my mating mark. I think about being on a bed, with candles around us and he starts kissing me gently. First, the need increases. It was so hot that I kissed him back with the same intensity. He unties the robe I'm wearing and lays me down as I giggle. I decided to be bold.

" See something you like, " I asked, trying to be bold as he started to kiss my neck. I let out a soft moan. It feels so good.

" You know I do" he playfully gr
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