Book Three, Midnight Sky

Arabella Pov

"Where the hell are you Omega", Alpha King Damon's mind linked me. Shit, I overslept. I ran out of bed throwing on clothes, tossing my dirty blonde hair into a bun before I ran to the palace kitchens. You see, I am an omega wolf, who was brought to Alpha Damon as a baby, and he raised me to be a personal servant. I was never called an Alpha's daughter, even though he raised me. He never considered me that. It was always omega, and that's how everyone else other than my omega best friends treated me. Once I turned 20, he kicked me out of the palace and put me on the bottom floor with the rest of the omegas, so I was never too far. Every day I wake up at 5 am to come to cook for him alone, even though we have kitchen servants to do it.

I never let him get to me. My best friend Sam has been my rock. Like omegas, we stick together. Sam gets beaten by others in the pack for associating with me, and I have tried to push her away because of it, but she doesn't let me. Sam's par
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