Ares Pov

"Our dads want us to represent them at this year's Alphas summit," I told my brothers Ash and Adonis while we sat in the game room.

"Why," Adonis asked

"Too busy buried in mom," Ash said with a smirk.

"Okay, when your done getting your head out of the clouds, our dads are going out of town to see about some recent vamp attacks that have been going on within the packland" I explained.

"Typical of them to leave us with women", Adonis said with a smug look.

"What about women?" Our mom asked, coming in with our sister Camilla and our Grandma Elena following behind her.

"Just saying how glad we are to have you planning the summit gathering for the Alpha Kings," Ash says, getting up and hugging mom and grandma. As the youngest triplet, they always gave into him and his puppy dog mix matched eyes.

"We will help you, yes, plus you are representing your dads as Alpha kings until the vampire issue is dealt with," Grandma Elena says, leaning against the wall.

"Fine" Ash and Adonis
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