Alpha Summit Day 1

Arabella Pov

Sam and I are getting our stuff ready for the Summit. The Summit lasts for 3 days. The first day consists of a meet and greet for everyone. The second day consists of business reports, as well as discussing possible alliances, etc. The last day is the royal masquerade ball. We have had a few masquerade balls here at the palace.

"Be in my limo in 25 minutes" King Damon's mind links me.

"Yes Alpha" I link back. I hardly doubt he will even be there in 25 minutes. Sam and I dont have much to pack. As for Omegas, we are only allowed to wear white t-shirts and black pants. It is the signature Omega look. It will also signify that we are not only omegas but servants as well. The lowest of the low.

Sam is riding with the other omegas so we part ways once we get to the car lots. There are many cars lined up. One for the king, which is the one I will be in. The next for the queen. The next few are alphas and Lunas from the state that have decided to join. The rest are omegas and
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