Alpha Summit Day 2

Ares Pov

All of the alphas are filling in the hall so we can spend the day going over reports they have. Ash is here beside me while Adonis makes sure everything else is going great. My mind is wandering back to the little omega servant from yesterday. I dont know why, but when I looked at her, I felt a sense of peace. Something I've never felt before and I was curious to know more about her, but by the way, today's reports are going, it looks like we will be here all day. She is so beautiful with her blonde hair and grayish-blue eyes. Her hair was wrapped in a bun, but I could tell it was probably long. She has such natural beauty and I admit I would have looked at her all day, but I had business to attend to. When I looked for her, she seemed to have disappeared. I don't know why I am taking an interest in one girl and my Lycan Strike won't stop pacing in my head either. I focused my attention back on the meeting on hand. I'm sure I will cross paths with her again.

Arabella Pov

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