Alpha Summit Day 3 pt 1

Arabella Pov

It's the last day of the summit. Thankfully, neither the king nor the Queen requested me last night and I was able to heal. Sam and I get ready for today. Since today is the ball, we have to be there walking around with drinks and serving others. It will be crawling with Alpha kings, Queens, so it will be all hands on deck.

Sam, Cassie, and I walk together with the rest of the servants, while my mind goes back to the triplet called Adonis, and one of the other triplets from the first day. The one who made me feel warm inside. I believe he said his name was Ares. They have such appealing names. I shouldn't be thinking about them though. I shift my focus to the task at hand. The ball has already started and all of us gather near the kitchens. Some of the servants hand us all plastic silver trays with 4 glasses of what I assume is sparkly wine, and we go into the room where the ball is being hosted.

This bathroom is stunning. There are 3 huge chandeliers on the ceiling. The
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