Alpha Summit Day 2 Pt 2

Adonis Pov

I'm in the bathroom talking to some of the kings when I see Briana linking arms with Ares and they leave together. That girl never gives up, and Area just entertains it. I looked around for Ash, but he was nowhere to be found.

Where are you? I link Ash

Listening to a beautiful girl about her issues, talk later, he replies and cuts the link. Typical Ash, always trying to help. I feel Kyle linking me and find him against the door with Clair, waiting for me. I followed him and we went to our study. Clair stands outside the door, but I know she can hear us.

"So, what do you have," I asked him. He handed me some papers.

"Alpha King Damon of North Carolina. 40 years old. Married Queen Liza but she isn't his mate. He reigns in the Blood Moon territory. The girl, her name is Isabella Blue, 23. She was taken in by the king and he raised her. She was found near their palace as a baby. The official report is that someone didn't want her, and they left her there, but after doing som
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